Student Accommodation Increasingly a Protest Issue

TCAS is a global company with an eye on global issues. In this week’s TCAS blog we look at student protests around the world, how they increasingly include student housing as a major issue and how that presents an opportunity to developers in the global market.

From Students Chile to South Africa and the a UK to India, there have been significant student protests over the last half a decade wholesale mlb jerseys or so. Whilst students have always had a more radical nature than society in general, it hasn’t very often been something that would concern property developers. However, in recent times that has changed, and far from representing a threat, it could well represent an opportunity wholesale nba jerseys for global developers and big investment funds looking for new markets.

student protests

In South Africa in recent weeks, a series of sometimes violent student protests have rocked the ruling government and made headlines around the world. The standard complaints and issues wholesale nfl jerseys were by there; namely a proposed hike in tuition fees and 1 a lack of graduate job opportunities. But in amongst the smoke grenades and placards was an issue that seems to be spoken about more and 2015 more in student movements Marriott at university campuses – student accommodation. The demands appear to be simple enough. Good quality, affordable student housing. In countries like the UK and America, great strides have been made in recent years on these issues, though there is still a supply issue around the corner.

However, in World’s developing countries like India, Brazil, Chile and South Africa access to affordable Student and importantly, cheap mlb jerseys good quality student accommodation is a raw issue, as students there look at their Western peers and long for the same opportunities. Student protests in Chile over the last few years led to leaders of the student movement being elected to the Chilean parliament. The result has cheap nfl jerseys been attempts to legislate on student housing conditions.

So as students across the developed world begin to make calls for changes and better living conditions, developers and industry lobbyists need to heed the call, open talks with governments in the developing world and try to tenants get a foothold in those markets, outflanking tired university owned accommodation and taking business away from slum landlords who for too wholesale jerseys long have had an easy ride.

The idea that student accommodation should be both affordable and good quality is fair and progressive, and global developers should be looking to move into these markets, provide better tr?n quality student housing and reap the rich profits that would follow. Planning permission and government regulations can be obstacles in ポスター some developing countries, and developers need to use wholesale nfl jerseys the urgency of the student protests to put their case forward as a solution and an alternative.

Vocal protests and attacks on student housing conditions aren’t necessarily a threat to student housing developers. On the contrary, they could provide a way in to <a href="http://www go to this”>wholesale nfl jerseys emerging markets.