Theresa May Must Leave Foreign Students Alone

At the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last week Theresa May made a strong speech, seen by many as an opening gambit in the approaching battle for the Tory leadership. The Secretary of State espoused a hard line on immigrants, stating that they were detrimental to social cohesion and that she would be working tirelessly to implement stricter controls on the amount of foreign nationals entering the UK (something she has promised before and failed to wholesale jerseys achieve).


Many people are worried about this, for a number of reasons. One reason is that landlords and universities are concerned how this could impact the number of students coming to the UK from abroad to study. Whilst May has tried to play down concerns, her stance on foreign students has been murky and this concern has spread to other 2014 parts of the world. An Landlords: interview with an Indian National student recently suggested that foreign nationals may be less inclined to study in the UK due to the anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Theresa May must do more to make sure that the number of foreign students entering the UK doesn’t change. The おまえの企画、買い取ります University of Manchester, the University of Edinburgh, Kings College and many other top universities take large numbers of foreign students every year, which is crucial to the financial wellbeing of many of these institutions. For the academic year 2013-2014, both University College London and the University of Manchester had over 11,000 overseas students studying with them.

Figures show China, India and Nigeria send the most non-EU students to the UK, which wholesale nfl jerseys boosts the UK economy significantly, but is also vitally important for building international and economic links with some of the key developing countries in the world. In wholesale jerseys addition to this, some Sports of the world’s most developed countries see large numbers of their citizens travel to the UK each year to study. and The United States of America, Hong Kong and wholesale mlb jerseys Canada all sent thousands of students to the UK to study Hagen! at our top report universities.


Excluding foreign students from UK job opportunities has also proven to be a serious mistake. Nfl It has led to highly skilled graduates, trained here in the UK, taking their skills to other economies. It also makes students less likely to study here in the first place, a report has found.

Landlords in particular are concerned about the developments and the potentially damaging immigration policies Theresa May has been suggesting. Student landlords in the cheap NFL jerseys bigger university areas such as London and Manchester accommodate large numbers of foreign students, and can’t afford for that source of income to disappear. wholesale jerseys Equally, the surrounding economy 全品送料無料 benefits significantly from often wealthy foreign students living and studying in the UK.

Whilst immigration is a genuine concern for many people, wholesale nfl jerseys Theresa May has a responsibility to balance her approach, and not to harm landlords, universities and communities who benefit greatly from foreign students coming to the UK to study.