Student Accommodation: Crisis and Opportunity

TCAS Blog recently brought you news about the student accommodation crisis in Ireland, and what needs to happen there to ease jerseys the crisis and make sure that students have affordable accommodation whilst they complete their studies.

But it isn’t just the Republic of Ireland where there is a shortage of student housing or where student accommodation is a hot topic. All over the world there are debates, crisis’s and issues surrounding hom things like availability, quality and affordability of student accommodation. In the short term, these issues make headlines, in the longer term they provide opportunities for investors and developers in a market class that continues to grow and grow regardless of chaos in the world markets or the fear of another global downturn.


In Ireland, the crisis is particularly acute, with stories still widespread of students living in cars, having to leave university, sharing beds Working with complete strangers or worst of all, students contemplating sleeping on the streets whilst trying to get an education. Massive investment is Qui required, especially in Dublin to ease the crisis and match future demand.

Elsewhere, there have been similar concerns about the condition <a href="http://www.cheapjerseysa visit this”>cheap jerseys or lack of student accommodation. In India, the condition of student accommodation wholesale jerseys has featured heavily as an issue in student union elections, particularly in the bigger, more vibrant cities like Delhi and Bombay. Despite certain planning regulations, there are future opportunities for both low and high end investment in the Indian student property market, meeting the demand from an increasingly economically diverse population.

The UK market is experiencing strong growth, and as student numbers continue to grow year on cheap jerseys year, there are increasingly large and profitable opportunities for developers. The biggest concerns in the UK currently are the amount cheap mlb jerseys of planning disputes that happen in university towns and cities. Local opposition to new developments and even to Hello the redevelopment of brown field sites for student housing purposes are slowing down development and leading to Contributie the price of student housing to increase. If supply continues to fall behind demand, the UK will face a student accommodation crisis of its own.

In Europe, there is an increasing awareness that more must be done to improve student accommodation and draw in investment for larger, more modern developments. Germany and France in particular have fallen behind the UK when it comes to student property developments.


From the US to Australia, cheap nba jerseys from Italy to Malaysia, student accommodation is an increasingly important issue in the press, and especially in wholesale jerseys local and national planning. The growing importance of student housing on strengthen the political agenda means opportunities for developers and investors across the globe. As demand for higher education increases, the student property market will continue to grow. Investors need to spot potential markets early and move in to keep up with demand, otherwise the with markets are at risk of failing, and governments may well move away from private investment as the solution.