Chinese Investors Opt For Student Property

Many words have been expended this summer and autumn about the Chinese stock market crisis, the decline in its manufacturing base and its overall economic growth slowing down. As the Chinese stock market crashed and repeated government interventions were unsuccessful in quelling a the panic, the cheap jerseys world watched How on and speculated on the global economic turmoil that would follow.

As yet that hasn’t happened, though rising global debt, deflationary pressure in many developing and southern European economies and the collapse in oil prices suggest that it still could. Collecting Many commentators are looking at the decision by the Chinese government to cut rates again and are hazarding guesses at what that tells us about Chinese economic data, and where their economy is heading in the short to medium term.


Perhaps a Jerseys more telling sign of what could be around the corner is where Chinese investors are now opting to invest their money. A recent flurry of Chinese investments in large student accommodation projects both in Asia and across the globe suggest that investment wholesale mlb jerseys patterns are changing, and that Chinese banks are looking for solid, stable investments in the short-term. A recent example of such a large investment is the Chinese bank ICBC investing $100 million into a new wholesale nfl jerseys project with student accommodation provider Scape Living.

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The reason this is interesting is not so much wholesale nfl jerseys the project/projects themselves, as to what the shift in focus of the Chinese banks and investors hints at.

Over the course of the last decade, the global economy has been in turmoil, with major recessions, a global banking crisis and geo-political events impacting everything from global trade and oil prices to the movement Dog of labour and EU law. Throughout all of this, the student property market has gone from strength to strength, providing above average yields for investors and developing into a solid market asset class in its own right. The implications of this are that student property in investment terms is ‘recession proof’.

As a result, economists now watch closely for investment trends within the student accommodation market. The fact that Chinese investors are flocking towards student property development at the same time as Russian and Chinese businessmen are edging away from the London property market Theresa gives a clear indication of what those investors think lies around the corner.

Regardless of what is coming down the line in the global economy, recent trends show one thing – the student accommodation market is healthy, and investors clearly think it has a strong future.