Whether you are working in business, in the student housing industry or as a property or hotel manager, chances are that you are very busy.  But we all know some people that independently of their workload they seem to be able to get it all done. It is in those moments that we ask ourselves:  “How do they do it all?”  “really, how?” . It seems that these people know their main priorities extremely well so they don’t get distracted by things that are not as important. We all have heard how, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook among other business people out there that sacrifice time in certain decisions like “outfits” to simplify the amount of unnecessary decisions he has to take on a daily basis.

Turns out, there are many simple ways to get it all done by choosing smartly and also by using technology in our advantage. After all we are not completely on our own. Nowadays most business people have a smartphone, and therefore they have a choice of to-do list apps to come to the rescue

Here are the 6 apps that most experts consider to be the best at helping people to get it all done.

awesome note1# Awesome Note  ( iOS or Galaxy Note). Cost: $3.99

This is a fantastic application but only available for apple users and Galaxy Note users at the moment. It has a  monthly calendar view for getting an overview of your tasks for the coming weeks, different folders that you can create, internal tod-do lists, reminders, note taking etc…



2#  Wunderlist 2   (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows). Cost: Free wunderlist

This a simple and easy to use application where you can view your to-do items as a minimalistic list,and you can have alerts or emails pop up to remind you when things come due.All the lists created are stored in the cloud, and you can share them, turning this into a group productivity app.






3#  Todoist (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web). Cost: Free or Premium

This is a great app that will help you to create as many projects you want with deadlines for each,  being able to break each one down into the steps you must take to accomplish it, and  even color code everything to keep it clear for you.They also have a free online collaboration product, Wedoist.




4#  Any.do ( Android, iOS). Cost: Free

This app integrates with Gmail and other email, and it guesses based on the data from your messages what you need to do to follow up.





remember-the-milk-iphone5#  Remember the Milk (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Web). Cost: Free or Pro

This application syncs very well with others like Siri on iPhone, or with Gmail and Google Tasks. The Pro version syncs with Outlook.




to do it tomorrow

6#  Do It (Tomorrow) HD (Android, iOS).

Cost:Free (for phones), $4.99 for iPad

What this app offers is the possibility to move items from today’s list to tomorrow’s with one little swipe. It could be good for people that don’t like to have uncrossed items on their list.


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