TCAS Online recently attended ASRA 2017, the leading student accommodation conference in the UK and Ireland. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet expert and inspiring industry professionals and entertaining keynote speakers. We also wanted to make the most of our busy schedule by attending seminars and training sessions.


We were thrilled as it was TCAS Online’s 7th year attending ASRA. This conference is a great event in the professional student accommodation business and an important part of our calendars as a provider of student accommodation management software. Since TCAS Online is a company based in Dublin it is of paramount importance to us to maintain a strong presence in the Irish & UK markets.

ASRA Conference 2017

This conference is always a great opportunity to get the latest trends in training and to network with some of the industry’s top players. We think it was a very valuable event for targeting the public sector universities, accommodation providers and the private operators who work closely with third level institutions. After all, we have many clients that are well-known third level institutions in Ireland and in the UK and it is in our interest to meet more institutions that can benefit from our tailored and flexible accommodation software to manage their student residences.

ASRA Conference 2017


Twitter ASRA Conference 2017ASRA is a well-attended event and we have numerous current clients that attend this conference. In previous years we exhibited at the conference and it was a very effective way to showcase our offerings to potential property managers and prospective partners but this year we decided to take a different approach. Our main objective was to make the most of the networking opportunities at ASRA taking the attendee perspective. We were able to be more proactive this way and to connect with more delegates & exhibitors.

This turned out to be a great decision as we had a lot more freedom to connect with people whose business’s needs matched our offerings. The setup was fantastic as we were having food and drinks with our clients while catching up and we also got to engage with new potential clients.

tweet Twiter ASRA Conference 2017

We were able to meet current and potential partners and to see the emergence of new vendors that may complement our software offering with their products. ASRA’s networking event was a great platform to do all this in a very relaxed and entertaining environment.

Another important goal for TCAS Online was to understand what our competition was doing and how we could match and better their offerings and we were able to gather very insightful information in this regard.


  • The moment when Dylan won by finding the Golden ticket in his ASRA bag! We were all delighted for him! Congratulations Dylan!
  • The Brighton Marathon was on the weekend of the conference and there was a fantastic and festive atmosphere all over the city.TWEET ASRA 2017
  • The UK experienced the hottest day of 2017 while the TCAS team was in Brighton so after the event walking down the historic pier was a great moment for everybody.
  • It was exciting to be at the launch of the new ASRA website and branding. Congratulations to Niamh Banks from NUI Maynooth on leading that project!!


Brighton was a fantastic city to host this annual conference for student accommodation.

ASRA Keynote speaker Kate HulWe learned many things from vendors, clients and keynote speakers like Kate Hull Rodgers who taught us many things about how useful it is to use humour in the workplace. She explained that people that have fun, get indeed more done that those who don’t enjoy the process as much. We all have our sense of humour since this is a learned behaviour. We loved the examples we got from the audience!  We were also delighted to renew the connections made in previous conferences and to get new ones as well.

We are looking forward to attending this conference again next year in Birmingham and to see what will be awaiting us then

Written by E. Soriano (Pictures’ Source: ASRA)