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TCAS Online & Pay to Study

TCAS Online Ltd has partnered with the Pay to Study organisation to offer a facility to provide a fast and secure way to send payments globally at no cost to the payer or the payee by using a simple 4 step process.

    1. Student will Register with Pay to Study via the Payment Module
    2. Student will make payment to a local account, i.e. in your country.
    3. PayToStudy transfer the exact amount (no commission) to your account with a fully reconcilable description.
    4. Student & Operator updated via email of transaction completion.

Benefits for Accommodation Provider

  • Receive international payments within 48 hours.
  • No more unallocated payments.
  • Eliminate international receiving transfer fees.
  • No set-up costs.
  • 24/7 online tracking.
  • Eliminate student payment queries

Benefits for Students

  • Saves Money – Lower commission rates paid for service vs. bank charges.
  • Saves Time – Payment Progress updates, no need to call bank/accommodation.

How it works within TCAS Online

When student goes to make a payment through the payment portal they will be faced with a choice.
– Existing online card payment facility.
– New Bank Transfer facility.

Once the Bank Transfer facility option is chosen, they will:
– Enter the Bank Transfer screen in TCAS Online.
– Student registers with Pay to Study from here.
– A payment amount will be provided for them in their local currency.
– Details are provided of the bank account where the funds need to be transferred.

The student will have 48 hours to complete the bank transfer, as the quoted exchange rate expires within that timeframe.
As part of the service, Pay to Study will follow-up on all requested transfers. They will directly contact the student and will keep the customer up to date on progress.

All transactions whether pending or complete will appear in your Pay to Study portal

As a result of TCAS Online’s integration with Pay to Study, all ‘completed’ transactions can be imported into TCAS Online by a single button click.

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