About TCAS Online

A Digital Platform

The TCAS Solution’s browser based accommodation management solution is built on the latest NET Framework which provides our clients with a flexible and cost effective option when compared to other similar, products.

Forward Thinking

We develop a deep understanding of our client’s businesses. Combining this business knowledge with our technical knowledge, we create solutions that anticipate client needs before their required ensuring that our clients are offered competitive advantages over competitors.

Problem Solvers

We are a group of collective Problem Solvers. We have gained significant expertise and experience of implementing Accommodation Management Solutions over the last decade. Our team work together in partnership with the client to resolve any issues and ensure continued satisfaction.

Customer Support

Every client has a dedicated Customer Success Team comprising of an Account Manager, Business Development Executive and a Project Manager. This ensures that at all aspects of the customers journey – they are fully supported.

Our Story

Our original system ‘TCAS’ was launched to a major University in Dublin in 1999. Since then, we have re-developed the software, and TCAS Online was created. We have experienced exceptional success with TCAS Online in the Irish and UK student and resident accommodation markets since its introduction in 2007.

We specialise in providing technology sustainable software solutions. Our clients are educational institutions and private accommodation operators in the UK, Irish and Asia markets. Since our incorporation, we have continued to grow our business by providing a range of “Best of Breed” management software products and services to our valued customer base.

  • Management Consulting 80%
  • Marketing Consulting 60%
  • Residential Portfolio Management 90%
  • Customer Happiness 80%

Our Commitments

  • To provide a high quality product software solution.
  • To provide an unrivalled customer experience to our clients.
  • To provide innovative solutions facilitating the management of Student Accommodation.
  • To continue using the latest technologies whilst offering the best value to our clients.

Our Senior Management Team

Barry Murphy

Barry Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Advice for Contacting Barry:  LinkedIn | Email

Stephen O'Carolan

Stephen O'Carolan

Chief Technology Officer

Advice for Contacting Stephen:  LinkedIn | Email


Richard Doyle

Richard Doyle

Head of Operations

Advice for Contacting Richard:  LinkedIn | Email


1st Floor, Venture House, 6 Silver Court, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL71TS


Copyright @ 2016 TCAS Online Ltd. Registration Number: 480681

Phone: +44 845 319 4890


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