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Student housing: furnished or unfurnished?

Student housing: furnished or unfurnished?

Student housing is an exciting marketplace full of opportunities and its own set of challenges. Agents and investors need to be aware of its unique features that challenge managers of such developments. When designing student housing developments, one question an...

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Summer student housing: profitable enough?

Summer student housing: profitable enough?

When renting a property many landlords wonder if it would be better to rent for a shorter period or for the whole year when renting to students. As a private landlord it may be difficult to compete with big universities that offer student accommodation to students...

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How to screen prospective tenants in 5 easy steps

How to screen prospective tenants in 5 easy steps

Many owners are hesitant when thinking about renting their properties to tenants. They feel it is hard to get tenants that take care of the space and pay in time. But the vast majority of tenant problems can be eliminated if you have a good and thorough screening...

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