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What is TCAS Student?

TCAS Student is part of web based solutions from TCAS Online and leading product for mid to large scale Student Housing Operators who are looking for a comprehensive operating platform that manages and supports the full lifecycle of Student Housing.

From the time the applicant wants to make an enquiry or make a booking, TCAS Online ensures that they are in safe hands. Through the flexibility of the TCAS Enterprise platform, TCAS online ensures that your applicant goes through your step by step process and converts to resident status with the minimum of effort on both sides.

Deployed entirely though your browser, our “Web Based” software meets all your needs regardless of how many beds you are managing or where you are located. Providing comprehensive and unique “Self Service” capability for your students ensures that you maintain the high levels of services that todays “more discerning” students have come to expect. Our objective is to help you to increase your Occupancy Rates and reduce your Operational Costs. Every feature in TCAS Enterprise is designed to support and contribute to one or both of these objectives.


Time-saving in processing student resident applications


Time-saving in payment collection for deposits and rental


Reduction in human error


Reduction in paper and file retention

Application Process

The standard TCAS application form consists of a web form that guides the prospective resident through the steps for making an online booking.

A link to the application form is embedded in the client’s website. Selecting the link opens the TCAS online application form, and the applicant is guided through the booking process through the user interface and by getting automatic emails at key points in the process.

Resident Portal

TCAS Student comes with the Resident Portal as standard which allows your tenants to log into their account using a responsive web-based portal.

The portal features integrations with other parts of your TCAS Student solution such as the TDS (Tenacy Deposit Scheme), Induction, and Inventory systems. The portal allows for management teams to post notices for residents and complete surveys. This ensures a comprehensive experience for residents and facilitates feedback from your residents.

Management Control Centre

TCAS Student features a fully integrated Management Control Centre which is capable of adapting to any of your business needs. Comprising a wide variety of functional modules and integration solutions the portal is able to adapt to business needs and evolves around your primary and secondary goals.

Featuring a full reporting package, the management control centre has easy to use reporting tools allowing for summary dashboards with all your reports in one place.

In addition to the amazing functionality built into TCAS Student, the solution features a comprehensive API which allows for the complete integration with any existing tools or services. Our in house development team can offer guidance and support regarding the complete customization of your TCAS Student solution.



Discover how TCAS Student can help you!

TCAS Student is the most complete student housing solution. Harness the power of our solution today!



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