Client Support

Customer Satisfaction is a key element of our product and service offering

Client Support

We believe our in-house team delivers an excellent customer service experience and support to our clients.

In our ‘human’ interaction, we use an electronic system, which enables clients to qucikly log any queries which are responded to in line with your pre-agreed Service Level Agreement.

TCAS Online Ltd has gained significant expertise and experience of implementing Accommodation Management Solutions for over a decade. During this time we have gained considerable experience in providing:


  • Sustainable IT solutions to SME, Corporate and Public Sector organisations
  • Software that is developed in house, using TCAS Online Ltd experts to create ‘best of breed’ software solutions.
  • A customer centric experience – from the first demonstration meeting, through to the project delivery and sign off.

This download allows you to install BeamYourScreen on your computer, together with the Session Player. A BeamYourScreen folder is then created on your computer.

To install BeamYourScreen on your PC, please click the Download button.

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A Download Window will appear, please click “run” (or “Save File” depending on which browser you use) to install the software.

When you user internet browser, the file will automatically be saved in your default downloads folder. Mount the downloaded file and a window will appear on your screen, similar to the image here on the right.

Drag the BeamYourScreen program into the Applications folder, or to another location of your choice.

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Account Management

Our Account Management ethic is to ensure that the client’s needs continue to be met by the system and to be there for the clients should they wish to discuss any aspects of either the software or services which we provided.

There may be a need for system enhancements, new reports, integration with 3rd party systems. Your TCAS Online Account Manager is available to discuss any or all of these things and to ensure that our client’s needs are met in a professional and timely manner.


A core element of a TCAS Online implementation is the area of Training.

Configuring TCAS Online is only a part of our implementation methodology. Training is a key feature of the success of any project and we take it seriously.

We believe that flexibility is the key factor. Therefore we can provide training across various platforms, at any stage of the implementation process:

  • On site
  • Off site
  • Online
  • Video, audio/visual
  • Provide a comprehensive training manual

Our trainers are experienced in both the product and it’s features but also with the business of student housing.

They understand the real life challenges our clients experience, and we endeavour to ensure that the knowledge that they impart is relevant and practical in terms of how TCAS Online is used.


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