• TCAS Online Attends ASRA 2016

    Another ASRA Conference has passed and already TCAS Online are crossing off the calendar days until next year’s event. This year’s conference was held just ‘up the road’ from TCAS HQ at The Europa Hotel, Belfast. This was TCAS Online’s seventh ASRA and as always the TCAS delegation headed up with much anticipation for the […]

  • The only way is luxury

    In recent years a gap has developed and widened between the stereotype of how students live and the reality of how they want to, and often do live. The stereotype, based firmly on The Young Ones, a TV sitcom set in Thatcher’s Britain, where a group of diverse students live in utter squalor. The reality […]

  • Is London holding student property development back?

    The London property boom seems to be cursed and praised in equal measure. Some people think that the London property market is a bubble, which will pop in the next year or two and will do terrible damage to the British economy when it does so. They also claim that the high prices are driving […]

  • Accommodation News Sector Round Up

    Every so often we here at the TCAS Blog like to give you a round-up of industry news, big deals or global developments but occasionally we like to focus on the local, the little, the weird and the wonderful. With that in mind, we head to…   Welcome to the Hongqiao No.2 Middle School, in […]

  • TCAS Online attending ASRA 2016

    This year’s Annual ASRA Conference 2016 will be held at the Europa Hotel located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It will run from April 17th – 20th. Check out this year’s promotional video for the conference below:   It’s that time of year again where student accommodation industry professionals come together to talk ideas & experiences. […]