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Communication Portal

TCAS Online features a fully integrated Communication Portal.

Users can select email, letter or SMS and can use one of the pre-configured templates for their regular updates to tenants, such as welcome notes, confirmations and rejections. Alternatively the free format text field can be populated by the user as required.

The functionality is ‘true’ TCAS Online - easy to use, intuitive and quick.

All communications are tracked, date stamped and time stamped by the user and tracking cannot be deleted by any user regarding of their profile or status.

Email Functionality

The illustration below shows the user being able to select one of the pre-configured communication templates.

Once a topic has been selected, a list of tenants are displayed, and are all selected by default. Recipients can be removed manually using a tick box system.

The overall functionality is similar to Microsoft Word.

Hardcopy letters can be written, created and distributed using the same process as sending a bulk email, and the tenants address is pre-populated in a similar way to a mail merge.

The user simply needs to select the ‘letter’ instead of email or SMS.

SMS Functionality

The SMS communication feature enables the user to contact individuals or groups, and split communication by property or flat.

The user can input the subject and copy through pre-configured templates or through writing their own text free format as you would if writing an email or letter.