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Clients can submit a change request using the option’s below. Simply select your Project Manager, fill out the form and click submit. This will send your request directly to your Project Manager who will begin the evaluation process on your request.

Your Project Manager (required)

Type of Change (required)
New Business ProcessChange in existing Business ProcessGap in existing functionalityData Fix / Archival / One Time activityUI/Display changesRegulatory RequirementOthers

Change Severity: (required)
1 - Critical: “A change that, if not implemented will leave the organisation open to significant risk or loss of business.”
2 - High: “A change that is important for the organisation and must be implemented soon to prevent a significant negative impact to the ability to conduct business.”
3 - Medium: “A change that will be implemented to gain benefit from the changed service.”
4 - Low: “A change that is not pressing but would be advantageous.”


If you have any screenshots of the proposal please upload them in a single PDF file here


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