The property industry is becoming more and more competitive as internet is used on a daily basis, on our computers and on our smartphones or tablets. These days in order to successfully attract new clients and close more deals, we have to do more to stand out from the competition. We can do that by investing in good branding strategies.

Branding is the practice of marketing that creates a recognizable identity through visuals and style that you can use to establish a good reputation, build trust and loyalty, and connect with more deals.In this internet era, trust is not earned the same way as before. Companies do not simply sell with the old school techniques, the ones that sell more are the ones that offer the best resources, often for free and gain the genuine trust and respect of the client.

Interactions are based on authenticity since the client has now the ability to check online other providers and to compare products; your word assuring your hotel or property is the best one out here is not going to be enough. Clients and partners need to believe it and they need to see consistency and information in a way they can access anytime.

And in order to do all this, you have to think about branding and how you would like to be seen by your prospective clients.

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Basic Steps for branding:

1.- Identify who is your target audience

2.- Focus on what makes you different  from your competitors.

3.-Consider using the help of a designer because nowadays we are all attracted to visual information. In order to build a strong personal brand it is important to be able to develop branding visuals that can be used in all channels.

4.- Attend relevant industry events: At the end of the day, personal branding is about getting your name out there in front of people. You must have a presence online, but in order to truly build a successful personal brand, you need to participate in offline events that allow you to interact with more people in your industry.

5.- Add a Blog to your website & start sharing valuable industry information. You should leverage yourself as a helpful resource to your target audience. Publishing new content on your blog often can help you differentiate from from other businesses, build trust with your audience, and get your name out in front of more prospective clients.

6.- Use Social Media to share and to communicate. Content can be shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

7.-  Decide on strategy. To build a successful and long-lasting personal brand, you will need consistency and you will have to be willing to experiment with strategies that will work and some others that won’t until you find the style that will work best for your business.

8.-  Invest in The Right Tools. There are a number of tools you can use to boost productivity and success when it comes to succeeding in business. Many property managers do not invest enough time in branding brainstorming, strategy thinking and spend too much time on activities that can be easily automated with the right software. We could definitely help with that.

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Written by E. Soriano