Moving homes can be an exciting time in your life or one of the most stressful ones full of worries about packing and clutter. It all depends on how you do it and how much you plan before the actual move.

Moving is potentially an exciting time,  where you can create opportunities to start fresh and redesign your life. But for many, moving presents a number of stress-causing challenges . Staying organised and planning ahead will be your best shield in order to avoid stress.

Read the following tips to make your moving easy:

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1.- Make a plan

Check your calendar and start planning dates the minute that you get a chance to do so. For example, as soon as you know your moving date, arrange moving help like friends or professional help and even a van/truck rental if needed. Once you have done that you would only need to schedule those things in your calendar including all the steps that need to happen before the moving help arrives. Things like packing, payment due dates and paperwork that needs to be sorted out. Schedule a day or two to just walk around your house, checking every closet and drawer, to get rid of what you don’t need or use and to make a good inventory of what you have. Once you have this inventory you can organise the items by category and size which will make things easier to label the boxes later.I would recommend adding a category to the previous list with fragile items that need to be packed in a more careful way.

2.- Clear the clutter

One of the most difficult things of a move is to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. Many of us keep things for way too long and it is in these moments that we have to decide to get rid of it or to take it with us in the move. If the move is to a bigger house you will enjoy the abundance of space but if you are downsizing to s smaller house you will need to keep fewer things to adapt to a smaller storage space or a temporary storage solution to keep some of your belongings. You can easily find and compare prices on storage units around your area.

moving boxes3.- Get the supplies

You will need cleaning supplies to use before the actual move and also boxes of different sizes, labels, bubble wrap, packing tape and scissors. It would be wise to choose a place in your current home to store all your moving supplies so you can find them easily.

4.- Keep all the important documents together

A very big part of your move will be to decide what documents are worth storing and taking with you and what documents are not. You will need to buy some binders and to storage the documents by category. It would be a good idea to keep a folder of all the documents related to the move such as leaflets, budgets, contracts (if any) and things that may be of use.  A move is always a good opportunity to organise your life in a better way and to get rid of clutter you don’t need anymore.

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5.- Useful packing tips

Most people assign a color to each area or room of their house and this is a brilliant idea because it will allow you to just take the boxes with that colour to the corresponding n room in the new house. You can use colored pens or coloured tapeand remember to label all sides of your boxes so you can easily see where a box belongs.If you decide to hire professional movers this simple practice will make things much easier for them and for you.

Give your movers or helpers as much information as possible like an accurate list of all the possessions included in the move (the inventory) and also warn them about any possible problems like parking on your street or how many floors the house has (stairs).

Consider if you would like to pay for assembling and disassembling furniture or you would prefer to this yourself and allocate enough time for it.

Consider companies that offer flat rates. You will save yourself the hassle of added charges for different things this way.

6.- Once you move

Pack a suitcase or one box with your essentials for the first week like you are going on holidays. The reason behind this is to ease the unpacking as you will have your essentials with you in the meantime.

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