We are all looking forward to those summer days when we can just rest from the daily chores and the routine of our lives.  But many property owners leave for the holidays with the worry that accompanies a long vacation abroad: -what can I do to avoid a break-in?

The answer is simple; we will only get peace of mind once we take smart and well-thought decisions about the way we leave our property. It is not surprising that during the summer months (especially in July and August) is when the high season of break-ins begins. But what it is even more surprising though is that these burglars seem to happen more often in the middle of the day contrary to the general idea we all have of most break-in happening at night.

The rationale behind this is that anything that happens during the daytime is usually regarded as ‘more normal’ as we are all busy coming in and out.It usually brings more suspicion when people see unusual activity around a house at night as there are fewer people in the streets.

safe home during holidays

So if you want to be safe and keep all your valuables safe this summer season take a few minutes to read these tips and enjoy your holiday:

  1. Check and double check that you locked everything.  Many people leave in a hurry or they simply forget a window open and this leaves an opportunity for burglars to get in and check if there is anything valuable to steal. So check again if all the doors and windows are properly closed.
  2. Invest in an alarm system. Many people consider this unnecessary but this is the ultimate way to keep intruders away. It will not only deter them from even trying to break-in but chances are that even if they try, they will get caught.
  3. Keep appearances. Do not leave all curtains closed if you usually don’t do that. Keep the appearance of your house the same as usual. There are burglars out there that check for these differences patterns in the ways houses are kept and that is how they decide to break into some properties. Be mindful on what you leave visible for people and try not to leave valuable objects displayed for everyone to see. There is no need to give burglars extra motivation to get into your home.
  4. Invest in a system that allows you to adjust your lights remotely or to turn the lights on at specific times. As for the exterior lights, you could keep them turned on in the evenings and nights as usual because this will definitely keep any potential intruders away. The intention here is to create the illusion that you are home as usual.
  5. Be careful with what you publish in social media when you are on holidays. Everybody likes to share their great holidays but you would be surprised on how easy is for burglars to get information about you online. If they know that the owner is not at home you may risk finding your home empty when you come back.
  6. Do people still keep a spare key at the door? Please don’t.  It does not matter how well you hid your key, don’t risk the spare key falling into the wrong hands. If you need to keep a spare key, it is better to give it to a friend or someone that you trust.
  7. Consider asking someone to mind your house. If you leave for a long period of time, consider asking a friend or neighbor to collect your post or to hire a person to maintain the house. This is becoming very popular these days, and more and more people hire the services of house sitters or Mind My House for example. This is a person that will pass by your home to collect post, and even feed your pet!
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