“Building Communities is the name of the game” –  Overheard at #Studenthousing

The 7th Annual Student Housing Conference this year took place on May 18th at The Congress Centre, London. Record numbers of leading operators and investors were in attendance coming from all over the UK, Europe and worldwide. Over the past 7 years it is evident that the conference has really established itself as one of the leading Student Accommodation conferences around.

student housing

A major influence in the increasing volume of people attending the conference has been down to the excellent agenda and continued attraction of highly experienced speakers. Moreover the provided networking sessions and overload of current stats and trends makes sure the event is a worthwhile day for all task management system. TCAS Online’s CEO, Barry Murphy was one of the 500+ delegates in attendance. Barry who attends the conference every year enjoys the opportunities to meet with both partners and clients whilst networking with new faces.

student housing conference

The day brought about detailed and current insights from both leading investors and Industry Experts. Many discussions on various topics sparked debate and chatter on what is really happening in the market at the moment whilst exploring the many opportunities available out there. The topics of discussion mottled from partnership opportunities, the US market, current build costs, housing models and the exciting space of the Private Rental Sector. There was really something for everyone at Student Housing 2016.