The 2016 Studentenwerk Conference was this year held in the historical city of Nürnberg, Germany. The two-day event took place between May 18-19th and saw over 18 exhibitors & 200 delegates in attendance. This was TCAS Online’s second year attending the conference following on from last year’s event in Heidelberg.

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There were 58 different Studentenwerk residences in attendance coming in from all over Germany. As with most conferences in the student accommodation sector, the delegates arrived with passion, to learn the going ons in the sector as well as with motivation and curiosity to find out how to better their business operations. The back to back talks certainly gave them an insight into all things student accommodation. The most notable speakers were Dr Petra Nau, Head of the Housing Unit at Studentenwerk and Pierre Richter, Director of CROUS, Aix – Marseille.

As TCAS have become a regular attendee at Studentenwerk, we got to meet and network with both new and familiar faces. Speaking to the delegates, we gained a deeper understanding of what is happening in the German market whilst exchanging business cards, stories and industry knowledge. The conference heavily focused on how the Studentenwerk organisation will need to adapt to the changing face of the industry if to remain the number one choice for students to live. Also discussed was the rise of Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) in Germany and the effects it will have on the strained industry in its battle against the under-supply of accommodation.

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Still TCAS remains the only international organisation to exhibit at the Studentenwerk Conference. TCAS Online has been operating in Germany since 2011 working with clients such as The Crosslane Group under the brand ‘Prime Student Living’, operating in cities such as Osnabruck and Oldenbenburg. Through attending conferences such as Studentenwerk, TCAS Online has gained an understanding of the German market and has implemented the right fit solution for business operations such as Prime.

About Studentenwerk:

Germany’s 58 Studentenwerk offer residences around 183,000 places in halls of residence across Germany. These halls of residence still remain the cheapest form of accommodation and are a popular alternative to living in PBSA.

A place in a hall of residence is still a cost-effective and popular form of accommodation for students, which is why demand remains high. Most study locations also offer purpose built rooms for students with disabilities as well as specially furnished rooms for students with children.

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